Mortgage Refinancing

Replace your existing mortgage loan with one that better suits your current needs.

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Why refinance?

A financially savvy real estate owner is always looking for new avenues to build equity, save a little money, reduce overall debt, and eliminate payments. Our team is here to help guide you through the process and find the best solution to your unique needs and interests.

There are a multitude of reasons that a wise homeowner might refinance their mortgage which include: Reducing the length of the mortgage, Moving away from an adjustable-rate toward a fixed-rate mortgage, securing a lesser interest rate, and potentially taking out equity or consolidating debt.

Key factors to consider when thinking about refinancing your mortgage loan are how long you intend to keep your home and your desired result from refinancing. If you intend to sell your home in a few years and your purpose for refinancing is to reduce your overall mortgage payments, the benefits of refinancing might not be as great for you. However, if you intend to remain in your home for years to come you will likely be able to reduce the overall number of payments necessary to fulfill your loan debt.

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Lower your rate

This may be the most common reason to refinance your mortgage. Generally, your loan term will remain the same but your interest rate will decrease enough to make a large difference in your monthly payments.

Get extra Cash

This option allows you to use the earned equity in your home and take out a larger loan than your current mortgage. The difference in value of your old loan and your new loan is given to you in cash. Common uses for this type of refinance are: home improvements, paying off high interest debts, and investing in a business. Be careful not to take on higher payments than you can afford.

Ditch the insurance

It's possible that your original down payment was less than twenty percent and as a result you are likely paying mortgage insurance. If your home value has appreciated to more than eighty percent of your current mortgage, chances are you can qualify for a refinance loan with no required insurance payments.