Agricultural Real Estate

Property Used For Farms, Ranches and Vineyards.
Loans starting at $400,000 and extending to $23,000,000.

California Farmland
California Farmland

Ready To Get Growing?

It is no secret that farming is an expensive industry. Agricultural Loans are designed specifically for farmers who are seeking to break into the business for the first time or take their existing operation to the next level. Most farmers need financing to start and run their agricultural endeavors - especially when they are green. An Agricultural Loan from Valor Lending can help provide stability and set you up for long-term success.

It will be important to have a plan of use for your Agricultural Loan to ensure we get you into the best loan option for your growing needs.

Up To 70%
of property value
Adjustable Rates
1-10 Years
No payoff penalties

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Acquiring Land

Purchasing and leasing land make up a large portion of Agricultural Loans. How much land to purchase or lease will depend on your unique growing needs and the type of farming you plan to accomplish. The amount you borrow will directly relate to how much land you require and it's location.

Operating Costs

Remember that your farm will not turn a profit until you are able to harvest your crops and even then it might take some time to get out of the red after starting a new operation. An Agricultural Loan can cover the costs associated with bills, expenses, and employees until you can turn a profit.

Purchasing Supplies

Consider the materials needed to grow your crop. What will it take to encourage strong and healthy product at harvest time? Seed, fertilizer, and even farm animals can be considered supplies when it comes to your Agricultural Loan.

Obtaining Equipment

Most farming operations benefit from the use of specialized farming equipment specifically designed for farmers. Obtaining quality, reliable equipment that stands the test of time and makes your job easier typically comes at a high cost. Climate control systems, irrigation systems, tractors, and silos are some of the most common agricultural equipment purchases. As you research the needs of your business, consider consulting a veteran farmer in your industry who can provide insight on the specific equipment, costs of purchasing, and costs to maintain the equipment that will ensure your continued future success.

Once you have a good idea of your equipment costs, we can include them in the overall loan value and make sure that the required payments are workable for your business.


The efficient operation of a farm requires constant maintenance and occasionally upgrades can make a big difference. In addition, improvements to your land and farming infrastructure can improve the value of your farm.

Loan Refinancing

Refinancing is simply replacing an existing loan with a newer one that has a better interest rate. In this way you save money on the overall loan and may even reduce your monthly payments or the length of the loan.


Advertising comes in many forms from word of mouth, to print, to digital, to social media. No matter what combination of advertising you choose, your Agricultural Loan can help cover the cost involved while you are getting started.